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“During the summer of 2014, I started my journey to create lifelong lifestyle changes and develop healthy habits. Through making these changes, running, and Fit In The City’s Ballet Body at my place of employment, I can officially announce that I have lost 40lbs as of September 23, 2015!!” ~ Katy Akins, Marketing & Office Assistant                     Individual Results will vary
“Through our trainer’s leadership and your program, I have lost 26 pounds and am now at a healthy starting point to start the arduous task of becoming an Ironman. Our Trainer brings out the best in us without us knowing. We may mumble at him under our breath as we sweat our tails off but he is an awesome fellow! I look forward to all that comes our way with Fit In The City. Thanks for all you do!!” ~ Ian Lang, Warren Distribution                                         Individual Results will vary
“Just want you to know that our wellness coordinator goes out of her way to meet our needs. She addresses all concerns with a smile and a positive attitude. We are so fortunate to have her overseeing the Lied Center program. She is the best, sweetest, and most cordial person to work with.” ~ Barb W- Fit In The City group exercise instructor on our Fit In The City wellness coordinator for the Lied Center, Sonja Walker
“I had a shoulder injury which I was using as an “excuse” to not work out. Beth has been a great coach and advocate helping me transition into someone who has incorporated physical activity and healthy eating into a way of life. Others have noticed the change in me as well. Thank you Beth, I appreciate your positive attitude, encouragement, and patience.” ~ Cindy J- Employee at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska on Fit In The City trainer and lead instructor Beth Wells

Welcome to Fit In The City

Fit In The City is committed to achieving client results by providing comprehensive health and wellness programs.

From personal training, group fitness, small and large group trainings and educational events, Renee Hardster, CEO, delivers a service niche that is built on understanding the client, building trust and supporting lifestyle behavior changes that are based on health risk management. Fit In The City's staff holds the same values and beliefs, and is committed to the success of the client.

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The Underground Fitness Center

The Underground Fitness Center

The Underground Fitness Center's session schedule is now available!!

Join your friends and favorite trainers for a variety of group training sessions including but not limited to Kettlebell, Boot Camp, Body Lean, Yoga, Tabata, and Ballet Body!!

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